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Homeowners Advisory Committee

Homeowners Advisory Committee (HAC)

The HAC is a leadership forum wherein each Sterling on the Lake sub-committee is represented by one appointed owner resident volunteer in the review and planning for current and future needs, concerns, and issues of Sterling on the Lake. The Homeowner Advisory Committee facilitates communications among our residents and maintains liaison on behalf of Sterling on the Lake Homeowner Association (HOA).  The Sterling on the Lake Homeowner Association is the decision-making governing body and is presently filled by three Newland Communities, Inc. appointees.

The Homeowner Advisory Committee, as the name implies, renders thoughts and recommendations to the HOA, but does not have authority to make final decisions on behalf of the community. The Homeowner Advisory Committee does oversee and maintain liaison with the various approved sub-committees.  The currently recognized sub-committees, which are:

  • Tennis
  • Pool
  • Modification
  • Finance
  • Lake and Trails

*Please direct any questions to the specifc sub-committee your question falls under.