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kidsFIT 2018 (for Adults Too!)


With our annual kidFIT Triathlon of Georgia, our mission is to change lives across North Georgia! What better way than to reach out to our children? We believe "a body in motion, stays in motion" and that children are a product of their environment. As an active mom in the fitness industry, both of my own two children are exposed to living a healthier, and fitter lifestyle.


kidFIT Triathlon of Georgia caters to those who have never "tri'd" before, as well as to more experienced child triathletes. We are capping this event at an upper limit of 200 participants to allow for some breathing room for our novice competitors. Even more, parents for the younger ages of 5 and under will also be permitted to enter the water with their children.


This event is open to the public - family teams are encouraged to join!

Follow our event on Facebook and Register today (linked here)!