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Neighborhood Committees

Sterling on the Lake Committee-Roles and Guidelines


Homeowners Advisory Committee (HAC)


Purpose: A leadership forum wherein each  Sterling on the Lake sub- committee is represented by one appointed owner resident volunteer in the review and planning for current and future needs, concerns and issues of Sterling on the Lake.  The Homeowner Advisory Committee facilitates communications among our residents and maintains liaison on behalf of Sterling on the Lake Homeowner Association (HOA).  The Sterling on the Lake Homeowner Association is the decision making governing body and is presently filled by three Newland Communities, Inc. appointees.


The Homeowner Advisory Committee, as the name implies, renders thoughts and recommendations to the HOA, but does not have authority to make final decisions on behalf of the community.  The Homeowner Advisory Committee does oversee and maintain liaison with the various approved sub-committees.  The currently recognized sub-committees are:



Purpose:  To review residential home and property modifications for compliances as authorized by the contracted Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and the Property Manager.  To bring resident concerns relating to possible covenant violations to the Property Manager and seek amicable results. Shall be the hearing tribunal of the Association and shall conduct all hearings held pursuant to Article 9 of these By-Laws. 
Committee Chair - Wayne Wright    modifications@sterling-life.com
Notice:  The Covenants/Modifications Committee has a vacancy.  Interested residents should email the Committee at modifications@sterling-life.com for more information and to express interest in the committee position.



Purpose:  At the request of the Board of Directors the committee may (1) Gather budget request from committees and communicate them to the Board. (2) Review the annual budget and provide feedback to the Board of Directors.  (3) Review requests from sub-committee and resident with respect to budget and committee recommendations to the board.
Committee Chair - Rick Lamb    finance@sterling-life.com


Purpose: To make recommendations regarding rules for the tennis programs.  To advise on teams and USTA/ALTA issues.  Work with Tennis Coach on special events, tennis issues.  To communicate with the Property Manager any maintenance issues.
Committee Chair - Dan Fawaz    tennis@sterling-life.com



Lakes & Trails Committee


PurposeThis committee shall advise the Board of requirements for the upkeep, maintenance, repair and the use of the lakes, dams, the Association owned dock, and the island, including recommendation to the Board of such rules and regulations it may deem appropriate regarding any or all of these facilities and areas.

Committee Co-Chairs - George Simon & Larry Taylor     lakeandtrail@sterling-life.com


          Notice:  The Lakes & Trails Committee has vacancies.  Interested residents should email

          lakeandtrail@Sterling-Life.com for more information and to express interest in the committee     position. 


Purpose:  To collect ideas and make recommendations to keep the pool facility safe, enjoyable and cost effective i.e. pool rules, pool management reviews. To review and offer suggestions with regards to the Pool maintenance contract.
Committee Chair - Amy Hammock    pool@sterling-life.com