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1036720123825 2008-3-26-second amendment-Capitol Contribution 2008-3-26-second amendment-Capitol Contribution159458 KB2008-3-26-second amendment-Capitol Contribution.pdf11/19/2019
2036720223825 2008-4-2 Third Amendment- 2008-4-2 Third Amendment-479463 KB2008-4-2 Third Amendment-.pdf11/19/2019
3036720323825 2012-3-9 First Amendment- Quorum 2012-3-9 First Amendment- Quorum344155 KB2012-3-9 First Amendment- Quorum.pdf11/19/2019
4036720423825 2012-10-29 Fourth Amendment- Clerical Revision 2012-10-29 Fourth Amendment- Clerical Revision380123 KB2012-10-29 Fourth Amendment- Clerical Revision.pdf11/19/2019
6036720623825 Sterling on the Lake Bylaws Sterling on the Lake Bylaws19101 MBSterling on the Lake Bylaws.pdf11/19/2019
7036720723825 Sterling on the Lake Charter/Covenants Sterling on the Lake Charter/Covenants 28373 MBSterling on the Lake Charter-Decleration.pdf11/19/2019
8084729123825 Charter ABCD Charter ABCD3816 MBcharter1abcd.pdf2/22/2024